Public event: Behind the scenes…/a.k.a. Acknowledgements

The two-hour public event would not have been possible without the help and support from the representatives/speakers of invited groups as well as everyone who attended that evening!!!

My special thanks to: Andrew Wilson (print-material design help/video recording); Evelyn O’Donnell (facilitation of the event/discussion); Dimitris Liarokapis (technical support); Petros (photographs); Katerina and Moritz (feedback forms/equipment transportation); Sara Barry (catering-yes, it was her that made those delicious biscuits ;-); and last but not least Larry Butler (ideas/feedback).

Ooopps… I forgot to mention my two supervisors for their patience, understanding, advise, and most of all, inspiration – Jan and Hugo.

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Slides used at the public event

After requests for the slides I used during my talk last week,  I have uploaded the whole power point presentation as apdf document.

You can view it by clicking this link:  Who is the ethical consumer[web]

[For those who wish to view it and do not have  Acrobat Reader installed in their computer, you can download the software for free here ]

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Some pictures from the event

I would like to say a big Thank you ! to everyone who attended the event on Tuesday.

Soon, I will be uploading the slides of the presentation and some feedback from the day – so stay tuned 😉

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Reaching a wider audience: BBC Radio Scotland

Last Friday I was contacted by a journalist from Radio Scotland who invited me to participate at the ‘Call Kaye’ morning show and share some of my results.

It’s only a fraction of the research findings but I really enjoyed my first time on air!

You can listen to the discussion  here.

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Event’s timetable and Special guests

I am delighted to announce that representatives from six local groups will be attending the event in order to provide their perspectives on issues related to ethics and consumption.  The participating groups and initiatives are:

Also,  I am pleased to share with you the final timetable of the event – which is as follows:

5:00-5:10  Arrival
5:10-5:15  Welcome by Evelyn O’Donnell (Glasgow Community Planning Partnership)
5:15-5:35  Who is the ethical consumer? Research Findings (by Margarita Kominou – The University of Edinburgh)
5:35-5:55  Introduction of activities and comments by our local guests
5:55- 6:25  Public discussion
6:25-6:30 Closing remarks
6:30-7:00  Coffee/tea, biscuits and informal chat (in the small hall of the Library)

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

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Public event: Update

Last couple of months have been quite hectic in terms of filling out applications and sorting out paperwork to atract some funding for the event in June.

It was definitely worth it however,  since now I am kindly sponsored by two separate funding bodies: Edinburgh Beltane- Beacons for Public Engagement (through a Pilot Public Engagement bursary) and The University of Edinburgh Development Trust (Small Project Grant).

This will definitely take some financial burden off my shoulders [ as I am a self-funded PhD student :-)] and will allow me to print out some flyers and posters to publicise the event.

I have already designed the promotional material and should be printed out within next week.  The final version of the poster is provided below:

I will soon post more details on the actual event itself,  so please be patient 🙂

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Sharing reseach findings- Step 2: A free public event!

I am now in the position to confirm that I will have the opportunity to share my research findings with all of you at a local public event, due to take place on:

  • Tuesday the 22nd of June
  • at 5pm to 7pm
  • in Hillhead Library, Glasgow.

This event is included in this  years West End Festival – It is a free public event and everyone is welcome.

For the time being, you can check out the invitations I am preparing (left CLICK on the picture below).  Comments more than welcome 😉

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Stephanie Sadler for her kindness to allow me to use one of her brilliant pictures.

More information on this event will be posted here very soon.

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